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Fox Creek Homes Announces the Grand Opening of our New Office!

Jun 26, 2024

Fox Creek Homes is making new memories as our team settles in at our brand new office building!

Located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina; this Fox Creek custom designed and built space allows our team members to foster creativity and efficiency while offering a welcoming environment for clients and partners alike. With room for expansion, we look forward to our office serving many customers for years to come - Look how far we’ve come in 4 short years!

Believe it or not this is where it all started! With just 3 team members, this cozy shared space was once our Fox Creek home!

Plenty of space for creativity with over 3,500 sq ft featuring 2 conference rooms, 4 private offices, cubicle space, a full kitchen, a warehouse, and an outdoor patio!

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